Lær Drupal


  • Drupal on Ubuntu – A guide to setting up a Drupal development environment for debugging and profiling with NetBeans and Xdebug.
  • Debugging Drupal – A short guide to the Devel module and Drupal for Firebug.
  • Localizing Drupal – A short guide to localizing Drupal using either the central localization server or local tools.


Danish translation

I initiated and currently maintain the Danish translation of the open source content management system Drupal.

Take a look at the current status of the translation effort (in Danish).

Drupal modules

  • Admin Language – Use a different language on the admin pages.
  • Devel Demo – A companion module to my Debugging Drupal guide.
  • Forced Term – Force all content submitted by a user to be associated with a term from a specific taxonomy.
  • Micropayments – Accept micropayments for node access or during checkout in übercart.
  • Views Tagger – Quickly add tags to a group of images or other content.